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Small Business Lawyer in Richmond, VA

Small Business/Corporate Law

A small business requires a variety of legal services to operate smoothly. McDonald, Sutton & DuVal provides comprehensive small business law services to our clients throughout the Richmond, VA, area. Come visit us to speak with a small business lawyer so that we can help you navigate the legal complexities that face your small business.

Intellectual Property

We provide a variety of legal services to small businesses, including a variety of intellectual property services such as:

·         Trademark ·         Copyright
·         Trade secret ·         Intellectual property matters

Our legal team is here to help ensure that your business’s intellectual property is protected.

Legal Agreements

We also work with you to develop a range of agreements to keep your business operating smoothly. Our team has experience drafting and litigating agreements, including:

·         Employer-employee agreements ·         Lease agreements
·         Non-compete agreements ·         Manufacturing agreements
·         Operating or shareholder agreements ·         Contracts

Legal agreements are a key aspect of a variety of small businesses. Our team drafts and litigates these agreements so that you can have legal protection in a range of different circumstances.

General Small Business Legal Services

In addition to our intellectual property and agreement legal services, our team offers a variety of other legal services, including:

·         Civil litigation ·         Immigration law compliance
·         Credit and creditor interactions ·         Business negotiations

We are here to provide whatever legal advice you need to operate your small business effectively. Our team of small business lawyers is dedicated to helping you have an efficient and profitable small business. All of our legal services are designed with you and your interests in mind.

Contact Us

Since 1991, we have provided professional and aggressive representation to small business owners like you throughout the Richmond, VA, area. We are a general practice law firm, so we have experience with any aspect of the law that touches your small business.

Come to McDonald, Sutton & DuVal in Richmond, VA, for all the small business legal services you need. Call 804-643-0000 to speak with a small business lawyer today.